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WWW::Mechanize::Examples is a Perl module with sample programs that use WWW::Mechanize.
SYNOPSISPlenty of people have learned WWW::Mechanize, and now, you can too!Following are user-supplied samples of WWW::Mechanize in action.You can also look at the t/*.t files in the distribution.Please note that these examples are not intended to do any specific task. For all I know, they're no longer functional because the sites they hit have changed. They're here to give examples of how people have used WWW::Mechanize.Note that the examples are in reverse order of my having received them, so the freshest examples are always at the top.Starbucks Density Calculator, by Nat TorkingtonHere's a pair of scripts from Nat Torkington, editor for O'Reilly Media and co-author of the Perl Cookbook.Rael [Dornfest] discovered that you can easily find out how many Starbucks there are in an area by searching for "Starbucks". So I wrote a silly scraper for some old census data and came up with some Starbucks density figures. There's no meaning to these numbers thanks to errors from using old census data coupled with false positives in Yahoo search (e.g., "Dodie Starbuck-Your Style Desgn" in Portland OR). But it was fun to waste a night on.Here are the top twenty cities in descending order of population, with the amount of territory each Starbucks has. E.g., A New York NY Starbucks covers 1.7 square miles of ground. New York, NY 1.7 Los Angeles, CA 1.2 Chicago, IL 1.0 Houston, TX 4.6 Philadelphia, PA 6.8 San Diego, CA 2.7 Detroit, MI 19.9 Dallas, TX 2.7 Phoenix, AZ 4.1 San Antonio, TX 12.3 San Jose, CA 1.1 Baltimore, MD 3.9 Indianapolis, IN 12.1 San Francisco, CA 0.5 Jacksonville, FL 39.9 Columbus, OH 7.3 Milwaukee, WI 5.1 Memphis, TN 15.1 Washington, DC 1.4 Boston, MA 0.5 Requirements:
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